Delicious, Authentic Mexican Food, Made Fresh, with Our Own Unique Kikos Twist

We believe that delicious, authentic , fresh Mexican food, cooked to order is the only way to go. We serve a variety of traditional Mexican entrees mixed in with some authentic offerings from south of the border that we put our own unique spin on to make them our own. We also appreciate the fact that we have a lot of customers who try to eat healthier or follow Paleo, gluten free, or vegetarian diets, so we have made sure to add a great selection of entrees that are friendly, or easily modified to fit just about any dietary needs. We are also happy to customize something for you (may require an upcharge), so if you don’t see something that meets your needs, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We use only vegetable shortening, butter, or olive oil in our recipes, so our beans and cilantro lime rice are vegetarian friendly. Look for the green carrot symbol to identify dishes which are meat free, or have a vegetarian option. Look for the “no wheat” symbol for items made with ingredients which do not contain gluten or are available with a non-gluten variation. Our corn tortillas are made the authentic way, using only maseca, and no wheat flour. That said, for those with more severe sensitivities or allergies to gluten, please note that while we are very careful to avoid cross contamination when possible, we have a small kitchen and only one fryer, so we can not guarantee that some level of cross contamination won’t occur.

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Kikos Authentic Mexican, Brighton Colorado, daily specials
Kikos Authentic Mexican, Brighton Colorado, offers a variety of paleo-friendly entrees
Kikos Authentic Mexican, Brighton Colorado, catering menu